Fix channel skipping problem on Vlc


How to fix channel skipping problem on Vlc ? VLC allows you to watch free m3u IPTV for free easily on your Computer.

It is considered the best software to read m3u free file on Computer.

Most of IPTV m3u lists have user limit, it means limited number of users can watch at the same time. If more users try to watch it, it skips to next channel after short time on Vlc Media Player.

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What is m3u ?? discover

Fix channel skipping problem on Vlc :

Arrêter Le Passage Automatique Des Chaines Pour IPTV m3uIf you have auto channel changing problem, you can use LOOP BUTOON on Vlc Media Player.

  • 1- Use VLC to open m3u IPTV List.
  • 2- Open the file with VLC.
  • 3- Click twice on the loop button to stop auto channel skipping.
  • 4- Enjoy.

IPTV m3u files are free demonstration links that lasts from 1 to 3 days.

Several sites offer free m3u links or demonstration of which our site and several other sites such as :

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