Watch IPTV m3u with VLC on Tablet


How to watch IPTV m3u with VLC on Tablet ? VLC allows you to watch free m3u IPTV for free easily on your Tablet.

It is considered the best software to read m3u free file on Tablet.

What is IPTV? discover

What is m3u ?? discover

Comment regarder Netflix sur Tablette ?Steps :

  • Download a free m3u IPTV file:

The first step is to download a free m3u or demonstration file to your Tablet.

NB: You can download the file on a flash disk

Several sites offer you links: Café TV; Wiki IPTV ; Café IPTV ; IPTV Shop

  • Download VLC on your Tablet via Play Store or APK
  • Open VLC
  • Open the m3u IPTV file download previously in your Tablet.
  • It’s perfect

IPTV m3u files are free demonstration links that lasts from 1 to 3 days.

They have a flaw, sometimes you can see an automatic switch of TV channels every 20 or 30 seconds. How to solve the problem ? Discover

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